Nutritional Therapy Consulting – Improving your Life through Nutrition that is RIGHT for YOU!

I offer professional, confidential one-on-one consulting to assess your current nutritional status, discover nutritional imbalances, and recommend the appropriate diet and supplement regime (if needed) to restore wellness.

For the assessment, I utilize a variety of tools including a comprehensive Health History Questionnaire, a Food Journal, a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, and various Functional Evaluations.

Upon completion of your nutritional assessment, I will present your customized Nutritional Recommendations, consisting of optimal diet choices, specialized healing foods and possible supplementation, as needed to bring your unique constitution into biochemical balance.

Then, I offer weekly follow up sessions to help you successfully transition into new shopping, cooking and eating patterns….with as much or as little support as you desire.

If nutritional supplements are recommended, I offer a discounted selection of professional- grade products and recommendations for how to take them to optimize their effectiveness, and your budget.

The Process to get started working with me is as follows:

  1. Schedule a FREE no-obligation Initial Consultation, so we can see if we are a good fit for working together.
  2. Choose the Program Option that’s best for you – either a 3 or 6 month package, weekly or biweekly, prices vary.
  3. Read and sign the Client Agreement, and chose whether you prefer to pay monthly or in advance for a discount.
  4. Then we Get Started!