Lab Testing for Functional Nutrition

Laboratory testing can provide invaluable insight into potential hidden factors that are sabotaging your efforts to reach your optimal state of health. Do you feel like you are doing everything "right" but you're still not getting well and feeling better?

Gut Level Nutrition offers the following testing options, in order to identify functional weaknesses and opportunities for healing, and provides guidance on which of these tests are appropriate for your needs. Once your lab test results are available, you will be helped to understand what the results mean, and given nutritional recommendations for restoring balance and optimizing function so you can feel your best.

Food and Chemical Sensitivity Panel

Have you ever wondering if the specific foods you regularly eat are contributing to your health challenges? The MRT Food Sensitivity Test can answer this question definitively, for your unique biochemical individuality - so that you can know exactly which foods are friend, and which are foe.

The MRT Test measures your level of sensitivity to 150 different foods and food chemicals - as determined by the release of inflammatory markers such as cytokines, histamine, leukotrienes, and prostaglandins. The test results will define your level of sensitivity to each item as either non-reactive, moderately reactive, or highly reactive – to serve as a dietary guideline for which foods cause inflammation and should be avoided, and which are safe for you to consume.

MRT testing is done utilizing a blood sample, conveniently collected at a phlebotomy lab near your home. Detailed instructions will be provided to guide you through where and how to collect the blood sample.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology

Did you know that symptoms as diverse as allergies, brain fog, and joint inflammation can be traced to an imbalanced gut microbiome? By rebalancing your gut biology and eliminating pathogens, many elusive long-standing health challenges can be resolved at the root level, instead of just masking symptoms.

A stool analysis identifies the presence and species of bacterial, yeast, protozoan and parasitic infections in the GI tract. This test also measures pancreatic exocrine function, inflammation levels and immune system function, as well as whether or not your foods are being thoroughly digested. The test results provide a clear roadmap of exactly what needs to be done to restore you GI tract health.

In the privacy of your home, you will collect a series of stool samples over the course of 3 days. Detailed instructions will be provided to guide you on how to collect the stool samples, and ship them to the lab.

Adrenal Stress Hormone Testing of Cortisol and DHEA

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the simple tasks of everyday life?  Are you tired all day, then wide awake in the middle of the night? Are you more irritable than you used to be...ready to snap at any moment?  Are you experiencing chronic pain, muscle wasting, or weight gain in the belly region?

Our two tiny adrenal glands have many important jobs, but are often worn out and in need of support. They provide the stamina needed to handle life's challenges gracefully; they produce anti-inflammatories to minimize pain; they help build and maintain muscles; and the allow us to  maintain our ideal weight.

The adrenal stress hormone test measures and illustrates the rhythm of your daily cortisol and DHEA levels - and provides guidance for how to restore vigor and balance to these master endocrine glands.

In the privacy of your home, you will collect 4 saliva samples. Detailed instructions will be provided to guide you through how to correctly collect the samples, and how to ship them to the lab for analysis.

Sex Hormone Testing (Male and Female)

Are you a young woman struggling with fertility, PMS, irregular cycles, PCOS, or similar?

Are you a menopausal, or peri-menopausal, woman battling hot flashes, depression, or weight gain?

Are you a man who's feeling a bit less energetic in life, or lacking in the libido or vigor you once knew?

Sex hormone imbalances can be at the root of all the above struggles.  Both men and women need to have the right degree of balance between estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHT, DHEA, cortisol, etc.

Balancing sex hormones can unlock fertility, alleviate PMS and PCOS symptom, eliminate hot flashes and sleepless nights, overcome depression and weight gain, and restore the vigor of our younger years.

In the privacy of your home, you will collect a series of saliva samples. Detailed instructions will be provided to guide you through how to collect the samples, and then ship them to the lab for analysis.