Gut Level Nutrition is proud to offer a variety of services designed to help as many people as possible achieve their personal optimal wellness.

Private Nutritional Therapy Consulting

As a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant, Sharon offers professional, confidential one-on-one consulting to assess your current health status, discover nutritional imbalances, and recommend the appropriate foods and supplements needed to restore your wellness. Click here to learn more about Nutritional Therapy Consulting. 

Personal Nutritional Support Services

Sharon is also provides the following additional support services for Nutritional Therapy Clients:

  • Comprehensive Dietary Guidance – Sharon will will prepare a comprehensive dietary guideline, listing of all foods that you should consume and those to avoid, customized to your Nutritional Therapy recommendations.
  • Meal Planning - Sharon will prepare weekly meal plans, complete with grocery shopping lists, which are customized to your Nutritional Therapy recommendations.
  • Private Cooking Instruction – Sharon will come to your home and demonstrate how to prepare healthy meals in accordance with your your Nutritional Therapy recommendations.
  • Pantry Makeover – Sharon will come to your home to evaluate the foods you currently keep on hand, make recommendations for healthier choices, and then help you to replace the old foods with the new better choices.
  • Kitchen Makeover – Sharon will come to your home to evaluate your food preparation tools and cooking equipment, make recommendations for more effective choices, and help to implement these improvements.
  • Grocery Store Tours – Sharon will meet you at the grocery store, and show you which foods offered are your best choices, and will also show you how to source food directly from local farmers and ranchers.
  • Private Gardening Instruction – Sharon offers gardening education to teach you how to grow fruits and vegetables on your own property.
  • Life Coaching - Sharon offers personal accountability coaching to help you fully integrate your new healthy habits including nutrition, cooking, gardening, fitness, and overall health and wellness.

Group Education

In order to bring nutritional wellness to a larger audience for affordability and outreach, Gut Level Nutrition is proud to offer the following group education services:

  • Sharon is authorized to deliver the nationwide popular RESTART TM Sugar Detox Program – a revolutionary 5-week educational program to support individuals in kicking the sugar habit…and discovering a huge new world of foods that are truly satisfying and devoid of sugar. Click here for more details.
  • Sharon is authorized to deliver the highly acclaimed Fortis Corporate Wellness Program, an 8-week class designed to improve your employees’ personal wellness, and increase energy and productivity in the workplace.
  • Sharon is available to deliver nutritional education presentations to small private groups such as churches and schools, focused on any topic of your choosing.
  • As a dynamic motivational speaker, Sharon is available to bring education to audiences of any size regarding the interrelated topics of nutrition, cooking, gardening, fitness, health and wellness.
  • Sharon offers in-home group cooking classes, showing you and your friends how to properly prepare delicious health meals.

Webinars, Seminars, Camps

Gut Level Nutrition is proud to offer a variety of educational venues, platforms and media, so that everyone can find a way to learn and master this essential health, wellness and gardening information.

  • Webinars - discover our live web-based programs, as well as our archived library of previously recorded online video-based education, training and instruction classes to learn the basics of natural health from the comfort of your home.  Topics range from grocery shopping guidance, to time management for efficient home-prepared meals, to understanding nutritional supplements, and more.
  • Nutritional Gardening Camp - come spend the day at our demonstration garden in Montrose to learn the basics of getting started growing your own food.  Topics include garden planning, soil amendments, Weed ID, organic pest control, harvesting tips, and seed saving.
  • Workshops - join these fun, interactive online training classes to learn proper food preparation techniques such as fermenting and culturing foods, making bone broth, and pantry clean-outs and kitchen makeovers, to dehydration and other food preservation methods.
  • Live Seminars - Spend a half-day listening to a panel discussion of nutrition experts focused on specific health challenges such as digestive health, blood sugar control, mineral balance, proper hydration, and proper macro-nutrient ratios that are fine-tuned to fit for your unique biochemistry.