Wellness & Lifestyle

For your total health and wellness makeover, Gut Level Nutrition offers the following services:

  • Providing Nutrition counseling and Nutritional therapy services, and cooking instruction;
  • Conducting telephone and in-person personal lifestyle wellness assessments; 
  • Providing counseling services in the fields of health, nutrition and lifestyle wellness;
  • Offering dietary and nutritional guidance, and food nutrition consultations; 
  • Providing healthy lifestyle and nutrition services, including personal assessments, personalized routines, maintenance schedules, and counseling;
  • Life coaching services in the field of nutrition, cooking, gardening, fitness, health and wellness.


Grow Your Own Food!

  • Gut Level Nutrition believes strongly that growing your own food is essential to good health.  To help you learn how, Gut Level Nutrition offers the following:
  • Education in the fields of agriculture, gardening and home landscaping, a
  • Agricultural advice, including providing recommendations for plant and soil nutrition supplements;
  • Garden care services; 
  • Landscape gardening design services.