The digestive tract does many more things than just “digest” food. While the upper portion (link to “upper” page) of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is designed to break the food down into tiny particulate sizes – the middle portion is designed to absorb those microscopic nutrients into our blood stream. Without proper absorption, are variety of problem can occur….and our lower digestive tract (link to “lower” page) is likely to suffer as a result.


The 2nd and 3rd portions of the small intestine, specifically the jejunum and ilium, are designed to selectively allow passage of nutrients from the gut into the blood stream. And the lining of the small intestine is beautifully designed to do just that – to allow SOME things to get through, but not others. When all goes well, the nutrition from your food is absorbed into the blood and then carried to every single cell in the body….allowing for optimal health.

But when the intestinal lining becomes unhealthy, absorption does not occur selectively, and a variety of problems can result:

  • Colds and Flus – Are you the one who catches everything that goes around? 80% of our immune system is located in the gut, and when the GI tract is unhealthy we become vulnerable to pathogens. Every day we are exposed to countless varieties pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites – there is no way we can rely upon anti-bacterial soap to protect us. Our brilliant bodies are designed to ward off these invaders, from the inside out. When these invaders get the upper hand, it’s time to focus on healing the small intestine, which will strengthen your overall immunity.
  • Food Allergies or Sensitivities – Some food allergies and sensitivities are inherited from our parents, but many are developed during our lifetime. Most true food allergies are figured out during childhood – for example, when you have to go to the emergency room every time you eat a peanut. However, food sensitivities can be much more difficult to identify, and there are many choices of testing methods available…some work better than others. Accurately identifying previously undetected food sensitivities can be the turning point in many people’s quest for better health.
  • Autoimmune Conditions – Conventional medicine usually classifies autoimmune conditions as either idiopathic (they don’t know what causes it) or genetically inherited. However, there is a growing body of research which indicates that autoimmune conditions are born in the small intestine, due to Intestinal Permeability Syndrome (IPS). IPS, also referred to as “leaky gut”, is a condition whereby the lining of the small intestine loses its selectivity, and inappropriately allows some food particles to pass from the gut into the blood stream.

All of the above disorders of the middle GI tract, the small intestine, can be managed, improved and possibly reversed with proper nutrition and lifestyle.

Would you like to learn how to manage or reverse middle-digestion conditions without pharmaceuticals?

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