Burning Bush - Burn after Writing Journal, Handcrafted Religious Spiritual Gift for women, reduces anxiety, boosts positive energy 

Going through life feeling trapped or stuck because of fear and anxiety is no way to live! We all have fears and worries from time to time, but the trick to building a life full of positive energy is to adopt healthy fear-management habits.  With the use of this Burning Bush “burn after writing” book, and the related Fear Trap vessel (Sold Seperately), you’ll quickly become skilled at identifying what is holding you back, and most importantly how to release it to bring about spiritual and energy healing!

Which emotions might be holding you back in your spiritual journey? Fear and worry, anxiety and depression, anger and stress, feeling stuck and paralyzed, feeling a sense of lack and self-pity, feeling weakness and like a victim? If so, this therapy journal could be just perfect for you as a spiritual gift especially for women. Or maybe this is the perfect anxiety or divorce gift!

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