Gut Level Fire Bowl for Spiritual Healing, to burn after writing your self help journal pages - Handcrafted in Thailand, a gift for women to reduce anxiety and boost positive energy

Going through life feeling trapped or stuck because of fear and anxiety is no way to live!  We all have fears and worries from time to time, and the key to a happy and successful life is to adopt healthy fear-management habits.  Sometimes this calls for radical self forgiveness, and with use of this Fear Trap vessel and the companion Burning Bush book (sold separately, to burn after writing), you’ll quickly become skilled at identifying what is holding you back, and most importantly releasing it and letting it go!

What types of emotions are holding you back? Fear and worry, sadness and depression, anger and stress, feeling stuck and paralyzed, feeling a sense of lack and self-pity, feeling weakness or like a victim? If so, maybe it's time to give yourself a spiritual anti-anxiety gift?

Each vessel has been lovingly made by hand throwing the clay on a potter’s wheel. Each bowl has a yin-yang shaped cut-out which allows for optimal airflow during your fire ceremonies. Each vessel also has a small spout for pouring out ashes after they cool, similar to an incense bowl or resin burner. The exterior glazing is a rich earthy golden brown with highlights of orange and amber flecks and streaks, similar to Raku pottery colors.

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