VIP Services

If you would like a more personal level of support for achieving your health goals, in a more private setting, Gut Level Nutrition offers the following in-home VIP Services:

Private Nutritional Therapy Consultation – All Nutritional Therapy Consulting services can be conducted in the privacy and convenience of your own home, for an additional fee to cover travel time and costs.

Private Cooking Instruction – We will come to your home and demonstrate how to prepare balanced healthy meals that are in accordance with your personal nutrition plan, as determined through your Nutritional Therapy Consulting.

Pantry Makeover – We will come to your home to evaluate the foods you currently keep on hand, make recommendations for healthier choices, and then help you to replace the old foods with the new better choices.

Kitchen Makeover – We will come to your home to evaluate the food preparation tools and cooking equipment you currently have on hand, make recommendations for more efficient and effective choices, and help to implement these improvements.

Grocery Store Tours – We will meet you at your grocery store of choice, and teach you which foods offered are your best choices vs the ones you should avoid.

Direct Farm Sourcing – We will make arrangements for the highest quality of food, straight from local farmers, to be delivered to your home and stored in your spare freezer (which we will make available if needed).

Private Gardening Instruction – We offer education to teach you how to grow fruits and vegetables on your own property, as well as professional design services to create your home food-gardening area.